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About Us

Welcome to RtSE Casting Company – Where Exceptional Talent Meets Visionary Casting!

RtSE Casting Company is based in the vibrant heart of Atlanta, Georgia, and we are delighted to introduce you to our world of casting excellence. With over 18 years of unwavering commitment to the industry, we stand as a beacon of innovation, raising the standard for casting services across local, national, and international platforms.

Our Story:

Established in April 2006, RtSE Casting Company is not just a casting agency; it's a testament to the vision and passion embedded in Raising the Standard Entertainment, LLC, since its founding in 1998. Our journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence, and our name, RtSE Casting, encapsulates the very essence of our commitment to raising the bar in the world of talent acquisition.

A Legacy of Success:

In 2023, we proudly premiered two films at Sundance, a testament to our dedication to curating exceptional talent. As a Casting Director, my portfolio includes shows on prestigious platforms like Lifetime, BET, Amazon Prime, and Amazon, among others. These achievements reflect not only our competence but also the trust placed in RtSE Casting Company by renowned producers and directors.


Unrivaled Expertise:

Led by a team of dedicated professionals, RtSE Casting Company is a full-service casting agency with a mission to connect visionary producers and directors with the perfect talent for their feature films, television shows, commercials, and animations. With two skilled casting assistants by my side, we are here to transform your casting needs into a seamless and extraordinary experience.


Our Exclusive Talent Database:

Boasting a colossal talent database of over 10,000 actors at various career levels, our online platform provides an exclusive gateway to a world of possibilities. From national acting veterans to emerging local talents, we offer a diverse array of options, ensuring your project aligns perfectly with your creative vision.


Building Bridges:

At RtSE Casting Company, we understand the importance of relationships. With strong ties to managers and agents, we facilitate a smooth and efficient casting process, ensuring that you have access to the best talent effortlessly.


Diversity and Inclusivity:

Our commitment to diversity knows no bounds. We take pride in our extensive pool of talent that spans across multiple ethnicities, shapes, sizes, and ages. RtSE Casting Company believes in reflecting the rich tapestry of humanity in every project we undertake.


In choosing RtSE Casting Company, you're not just selecting a casting agency; you're choosing a partner dedicated to bringing your creative vision to life. Join us on this exciting journey of storytelling, innovation, and unparalleled casting expertise.


Let's create magic together!

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Leslie M. Greene

Casting Director

CEO / Owner


Farrah Gilyard

Casting Assistant


LaDwanya Roberts

Casting Assistant

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