RtSE Contest / Challenge 1

Create a scene at the dinner table eating with AT LEAST 3 of your alter egos.

One Person likes the food, 1 person doesn’t like the food and one person cooked the food...


1. Video can not be longer than 60 seconds (submit ONLY 1 video)

2. Be very creative & have fun

3. Submissions due 3/19 by 7:00pm

4. Upload your video as a reel on Instagram with #Rtsecastingchallenge1 (this is how the judges will view your video)


The winner (s) will receive a custom item (from our merchandise line, you just pay $7.00 shipping & handling only)

The winning video(s) will also receive a spotlight mention and be reposted and shown on all the RtSE Casting social platforms.

How you obtain points to win

1. Follow the Instagram @rtsecasting

2. Be a part of the RtSE Casting Facebook Group (this is where I post these weekly challenges 1st)

3. Follow the @Rtsecasting tiktok

4. Subscribe to the Rtsecasting YouTube

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