Casting Call: Forget To Remember

RtSE Casting is now casting SAG feature film "Forget To Remember", starring Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries), Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) Macy Gray (Change in the Air) and Markuann (Godfather of Harlem).

Think, "The Green Book" and "Moonlight" cinematically and you will get "Forget to Remember" a love-adventure for the ages.


Orion doesn’t trust Olympia initially. His sole objective is to get her to the destination and get paid. However, when two robbers hold the pair at gunpoint and Olympia takes them down through a series of impressive moves, Orion develops a newfound sense of admiration for her. He starts to open up about his family and even takes her to visit his childhood home on their road. Orion learns that Olympia is terminally ill.. She recounts a tragic story of how, following her diagnosis, she and her boyfriend had been involved in a serious car accident that left Orion facially scarred and her boyfriend with a head injury so severe he completely lost his memory.

Shooting Dates: January 11th, 2021 - January 27th, 2021

Shooting in Atlanta, GA & Canton, NC

Monetary Compensation


"See you in the movies!" ~Leslie

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