RtSE Casting Workshop

Good Afternoon Luvs,

I am excited to formally announce the 1st RtSE Casting Workshop of 2019...

This workshop will help each actor shed their fears and get comfortable as the casting room process is revealed. In this workshop our Special Guest Los Angeles Director/ Photographer Landi Maduro will show you how to not only get an amazing headshot, but how to use your photos to get you in the audition room.

I will teach you how to make a lasting impression in the audition room. Come see the process from the perspectives of a Casting Director’s and a Director's perspective.

In this 3-hour workshop this is just a few of the things you will learn... + You will learn how to Self-Submit + Where and how to find casting opportunities (List will be given) + You will learn casting etiquette and how to slate + How to prepare for headshots + Headshot critiques + How to take headshots that will get you in the room


These workshops and classes are solely for educational purposes and do not provide a job or hiring of any kind at the conclusion.

Much Success to You!


Casting Director | Producer

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