Sending vs. Submitting to a Casting Company

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Today's, discussion: "Sending vs. Submitting to a Casting Company" and "When is the best time to submit to a casting company? " 🤔

I get a lot of phone calls, DMs on social media and emails from people asking me if it is okay to

submit their reels, headshots, and resumes. Let's start off with this, "There is a difference between "SUBMITTING" and "SENDING" information (I will discuss this shortly).

SIDE NOTE: Understand that ALL Casting Directors are different and it is always a good idea to research the Casting Director before you come in contact with them.

When you blindly reach out to a Casting Director and ask if it is "okay" to submit your information to them, 90% of the time the answer is resounding "NO" and with the 10% you risk the chance of your information being tossed to the side because of other pressing situations that could be happening within the office. There is a huge difference between, sending your information and submitting your information.

When you ask to "send" over your information, you are sending it with a one-sided purpose. You want them to have your information, regardless if they need it or not. That is when you run the risk of it never being seen and used for the purpose you sent it over for. Ultimately, you want to be considered for "SOMETHING" right. This way you are just sending over information with no mutually beneficial purpose. However, when the information is REQUESTED, it then becomes a submission. A submission is sent with a mutually beneficial purpose. You want to be considered for a role and the Casting Director is looking for someone to fill a role. (Did you just have an AH-HA moment?) . If you didn't you need to reread this paragraph again.

So, when is the BEST time to submit your information to a casting company, when there is a request for submissions. Look at it this way, your submission has a higher rate of being reviewed for a call to audition. If you just send over your information and it isn't requested, you run the risk that the Casting Director can in-between-projects or they are in the middle of finishing out a project, then there is a high likelihood that the information that you sent over will be lost in a sea of emails and that is not what either of us wants.

If this information has helped you, feel free to share it and by all means, tell a friend!

Continued success to you!

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