Are the Scandal Rumors True?

April 5, 2012, the day we began one of the most dysfunctional love/hate relationships created by a woman we all barely knew, Shonda Rhimes. Yes, Shonda had already established her gift of writing and her powers of emotional manipulation with Grey's Anatomy, but that did prepare us for the life of heavy wine drinking and sexy dysfunction that was coming when the first episode of Scandal aired on a Thursday night in April.

For five years, writer, creator and show runner, Shonda Rhimes, has taken us through a turbulent rollercoaster ride full of bewildering emotions.

On any given Thursday night men, women and children experienced unrestrained, befuddled, blissful and intoxicated rollercoaster ride full of emotions after baring witness as Shonda Rhimes continued to manipulate and annihilate our mental state.

The after effects of "Scandal Thursday" led many from the far West Coast to the East Coast in true emotional disarray. Forcing woman and men of ALL races, economic status and ethnicities to one place by 10:00 PM banging on the doors of the Scandal Rehabilitation Center, also know by its Facebook Group lovingly named Scandal All Things Olivia Pope. Many times, the emotional and often wine induced roller-coaster ride had hundreds of Gladiators by 10:00 pm on a Thursday night headed to "Scandal Rehab" not to be seen until Monday morning as many try to resurface in an attempt to resume a normal life.

During the past 5 years, thousands of people have led blissfully dysfunctional lives, manipulated by the mind and hands of the mighty Shonda Rhimes. What are the hundreds of thousands of Gladiators worldwide going to do come May 2018? Per Shonda Rhimes, ABC will end the drama series, Scandal after its seventh season in 2018.

Although this will be the end of an era, it is the perfect set-up for greater things...



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