It's Cool to be An Extra

If you’re someone that wants to break into acting, being an extra on a film or television set might just be a

perfect way for you to get an idea of what a day on set looks and feels like.

One way to get your feet wet is to be a background actor or “extra” on a few projects. Some of the benefits are that you may get paid (depending on the project) you get a hands on education of how a real set works, and it may help you gain the confidence that only comes from real-life experience.

Here are just a few ways to help you get started:

1. Connect & Register Sign up on casting sites. You’ll be asked several questions, your clothing sizes and if you have any special skills, just to name a few.

2. Always Be professional When you get that call and commit to participating, remember that this is a business and you must treat it as such. That means if you accept a job, it’s critical to show up on time and follow instructions once on set.

3. Hurry up and wait Days on set can seem very long. You’ll spend most of your time waiting to be called, so bring something to read or something to keep you occupied.

4. Observe Your Surroundings

The main benefit of a long day is that you’ll have plenty of time to observe and take note of everything going on around you. Learn the lingo, watch the gaffer, grip, sound person, and makeup artists in action, and take it all in.

Depending on the set up, you may even get to watch the principal actors work. This experience is invaluable. Remember, it’s why you’re here! Don’t waste the opportunity if it presents itself. Make sure you’re not in the way. Be discreet, follow directions, and be professional at all times. This is not the time to get an autograph or take selfies with celebrities on set.

5. Build relationships This is a great time to network with other industry professionals. Bring your business cards and make a point to truly connect with at least two people.

6. Set a limit. There are professional background actors who work all the time and love what they do, which is awesome! But if you want to shift into bigger roles, my advice is to limit how many background jobs you take. Do them for a little while until you feel confident and understand the workings of a professional set, then focus on auditioning for bigger jobs.

Keep up the great job!!!

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