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Is this how it really goes down in the big city?


Set in a stereotypical American inner city, Used is a guide through the silent but understood codes of operations that governs the urban streets. USED takes an objective gaze upon the obscure connection between the law enforcers and the criminals they battle on a daily basis. It highlights a common belief among many Americans, which is “the law has no affect on the individuals with enough money and power”. For example, the character Eddie Dice, a high profile career criminal, comps prominent city officials and lawyers in an effort to escape legal quarrels. As a result, some law enforcer such Detective Kroach, are forced to take the law into their own hands as a way of balancing the power between criminals and the law. For example, in one scene he confiscates drugs from a petty drug dealer and feeds it to a cocaine, addicted informant by the name of Spoon, in exchange for information on higher profile criminals. The bargaining system that exist between the law and criminals seems to be the most effective way for most law enforcers to combat against more prominent crime lords.


Eze Andrews hails from the Tri-State area and chose the Atlanta area to shoot his Senior Thesis.


When: Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM ***SIGN IN***

Time: 10:00 AM *** CASTING CALL BEGINS***

Where: Savannah College of Arts & Design (SCAD)

1600 Peachtree Street. NW

Atlanta, GA 30309

Payment: Deferred, Room, Board & Travel Included

Shooting: July 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 & August 1, 2, 2008

Filming Location Savannah, GA


(LEAD) Eve is a young woman in her early to mid twenties, recently released from prison for being an accomplice in a robbery homicide. During her rebellious high school years, Eve was was romantically involved with an ego driven career criminal by the name of Eddie Dice. As a way to repay her debt to society, Eve is forced by an outlaw cop (Detective Kroach) to help bring Eddie Dice down. She sees this as a way of mending her past.

(2ND MAIN CHARACTER) Eddie Dice is a flamboyant career criminal in his mid to late twenties with a thirst for the spot light. Although he grew up in a hard working middle class family, Eddie’s idolatry of famous gangsters such as Bugsy Siegal and John Gotti, led him to a life of crime.

(3RD MAIN CHARACTER) Detective Kroach was once a treasure to the streets but has recently turned cold as a result of his partner being killed in the line of duty. He blames himself for his partner’s death because he was there to back him. Presently, Kroach makes and plays by his own rules because the death of his partner opened his eyes to the corruption in the system which he risks his life to protect on a daily basis.

Spoon is a childhood friend of Eddie Dice, and long time crime crony. Although he is often manipulated by Eddie, Spoon is perfectly content with his role as a behind the scenes as the man with all the information. He informs his crime buddy Eddie Dice as well as law enforcement (Detective Kroach).

Vadik is a Russian born immigrant who continued his life of crime when he migrated to the states as a teenager. Although he spent over thirty years in America, Vadik still bares a thick Russian accent. He is a vicious boss who is out for revenge after being doubled cross by one of his soldiers, Eddie Dice.

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