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The Aftermath is an Independent Feature Film that will be shot in Atlanta, GA April 2017.


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Story Synopsis

This is a story about community, strength and friendship. Follow Thelma, Hailey and their children as they go through life obstacles together leaning on the support of their community. Unlikely relationships manifest and lives are forever changed

Thelma "Mama" Johnson - (34 - 39) Hard working single parent, who's pride is her children. All the teens love and respect her. She has a strong and nurturing personality and is very well respected in her community. Mother of Vinnie and Michelle Vinnie Johnson - (16 - 18) year old who is loved by all, he is witty, cool and his smile can light up the room. He has a promising future because of his academics, but wants to play basketball in college. Son of Thelma Johnson Michelle Johnson - (14-16 ) year old is very close to and loves her big brother Vinnie. Michelle is even smarter than her big brother and isn't afraid to remind him of that. She has a secret crush on her brother’s best friend Jeff. Hailey Wilson - Is older than Thelma and her closest friend. Hailey knows about everything that goes on in the neighborhood. Sassy with a short temper, she will speak her mind and think about what she said later. She has a personality that grows on you over time, Hailey is the living definition of "Ride or Die" friend. Hailey is mother of Kim. Kim Wilson - A very troubled 20 year-old. She is very close to Vinnie and looks at his more like her little brother and best friend. Kim 's attitude is Hailey 2.0 and she is always ready for a fight Kevin Beatty - (13 -15) year-old 2nd generation neighborhood thug. Kevin wants to be a bad ass like his drug dealing uncle Wilma Beatty - (46 - 49) Has lived a trying life. Her brother is the top neighborhood drug dealer and her only son wants to be just like him. She worries about her only son and over the years it has taken a toil on her health. Her feisty no nonsense personality she is not easily scared. Kevin Beatty’s mother. Detective Terry Hodges - (42 -45) Veteran Detective who has been working in this neighborhood since he put on the badge. He has a pretty good relationship with many in the neighborhood, but they still make him work hard for any information. Jeff Stanton - 17 years-old Vinnie’s closet friend, who is very confident and the local high school basketball star. He is very respectable and mild mannered. Everyone love and respects Jeff. Minister Claxton - (37-45) Married minister from Thelma’s church, Tall with a smooth and calm demeanor. When Minister Claxton steps in the room there is a sense of peace released into the atmosphere Greta - 17 years-old who dresses very nicely and thinks the world evolves around her Double D - 18 year-old Greta’s boyfriend, Sheila Jones - Vinnie’s 16 year-old girlfriend and one of Michelle's girlfriends who convinces Vinnie to going to church Bean - 21 year-old pretty boy who loves the ladies and the ladies sure love him. The neighborhood casanova Corky - 9 year-old admirer of Vinnie Marci - 8 year-old young girl who Corky likes Stefan - 9 year-old bully of Marci and Corky Mr. & Mrs Anderson - Church friends of Wilma Beatty

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