Red Carpet Ready

So here it is, yesterday 4/2/2012 I actually had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of Steve Harvey’s movie, “Think Like a Man.”

And so that I don’t spoil it for you, all I will say is, "When Kevin Hart starts to open his mouth, “DO NOT HAVE ANY LIQUID IN YOUR MOUTH!” If you are drinking I promise the person in front of you will be wearing whatever is in your mouth!!!! I PROMISE!!

1 More thing I really wish I could have been tweeting during the movie, but since they took everyone else’s phones & the fact that my twitter @RTSECasting is being followed by the PR Diva that put together the event…

Need I say more!

Check out some of the #RedCarpet footage and hear from the Celebrity Cast.

Host: Melissa Stewart

Camera: Leslie M Greene

Edited By: Leslie M. Greene

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