Atlanta: “Think Like a Man” Movie Screening

So I was invited to the Atlanta screening of Steve Harvey’s, “Think Like a Man.” I have seen the trailer, heard Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo’s song & seen the commercial. I have to say the major appeal for me is that this not only an all star cast, but they are all African-American.

If it ain’t a “Tyler Perry” production this is a seemingly rare occurrence and I am interested to see several things as it relates to this film:

1. Will the masses go out to support it, or will they just get it the bootleg copy.

2. Will the weekend box office numbers look like Red Tails ($18.8M US) or Hunger Games ($153M US)

3. Will it make me laugh so hard I feel like I did 300 sit-ups?

I have been told several times by friends and family that this is a book that I definitely need to read. Although the title is catchy I just couldn’t rap my head around Steve Harvey giving me relationship advice, so I haven’t picked up the borrowed copy that I have, yet. Perhaps after tonight I just might pick it up cousin Max’s copy of, “Think Like a Man.”

Convos with the Cast & MORE TO COME...


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