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Leslie M. Greene

Leslie M. Greene is a freelance Casting Director, Producer & Content Curator.

In 1996, Leslie moved to Atlanta, GA from Philadelphia, PA with the Olympics and started working as a freelance marketing professional. Leslie quickly connected with several of Atlanta's "WHo's Who" and quickly started making her skills and name part of several conversations. Her marketing skills opened up doors that led her to marketing and promoting not only for Tyler Perry's plays and major concerts (Jay-Z, Gerald LaVert, R. Kelly and more). She was recognized by Rolling Out Magazine for her unique and creative marketing and branding skills.

Leslie has more than 25+ years of experience as a freelance professional and has worked in Film, Television, Music and Fashion respectfully.

In 2006, Leslie started RtSE Casting Company and she used her creative marketing expertise and turned it into a global brand.

While obtaining her Master's degree from Full Sail University, as a passion project she created & produced the pilot for a television show.


Hobbies: Traveling, Tai Chi, Speaking at high schools to Inspire and encourage the youth.

RtSE Casting Company is a full service casting boutique which is a subsidiary of Raising the Standard Entertainment, LLC

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